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The creation of the Canadian-Polish Millennium Fund was accepted as one of the aims of the commemorative celebration of the Millennium of Christian Poland at the General Convention of representatives of the Polish community in Canada, which took place on May 7 and 8, 1960.


The Convention was attended by the representatives from all the significant Polish Canadian organizations and all the Polish parishes, both Roman-Catholic and others. Thus the Convention was truly representative of the whole Polish-Canadian community.

The Convention appointed "The Canadian Polish Millennium Committee in Canada" for the purpose of carrying out the aims of the Convention. On June 3, 1961, this Committee created the Polish-Canadian Fund under the name of "Fundusz Wieczysty Milenium Polski Chrzescijaniskiej", the English name being "Canadian Polish Millennium Fund", (also known as "The Fund").


The specially appointed Commission drafted the bylaws of the Fund. The funding concept was that of the Foundation serving the whole Polish-Canadian community in an effort to promote the Polish culture in Canada and to preserve the Polish language. It was intended that the administration of the Fund be carried out with the widest possible representation of the Polish Canadian community.


The Fund was created by Letters Patent issued on June 17, 1964 under reference number 175899.





On the basis of the bylaw the following constitute the membership of the Fund:

  1. The Canadian Polish Congress, Head Executive Board;

  2. Conference of the Polish Roman Catholic Clergy in Canada;

  3. Representatives of the Canadian Polish Congress Branches selected by the Head Executive Board of the Canadian Polish Congress with the approval of the Conference of the Polish Roman Catholic Clergy in Canada from the list of candidates elected at the Plenary Meetings of the Canadian Polish Congress Branches.


Each of these membership groups has the right to delegate 9 trustees (27 trustees in all who elect 9 directors to administer the Fund, 3 directors from each group).


The Directors are not entitled to remuneration for their activities. They may be reimbursed only for actual expenses incurred with respect to their participation and attendance at meetings or other duties carried out on behalf of the Fund.


The Board of Directors meets regularly, with 2 meetings during the year devoted to effecting distributions in accordance with the objectives as outlined in the Letters Patent issued on June 17, 1964.



Objectives of the Fund:


The aims and objectives which the Perpetual Fund is to pursue as registered by the Secretary of State, are as follows:

  1. To promote and support interest in, and the study of culture in general and of Polish national and religious culture in particular;

  2. To aid and encourage education among people of Polish descent and origin;

  3. To assist new Polish immigrants in Canada in their adjustment to the Canadian way of life;

  4. To establish and/or support scholarships and fellowships for students and graduates of Polish descent and origin;

  5. To provide financial assistance to needy students of Polish descent and origin in order to enable them to buy or otherwise acquire books, publications and/or assistance essential to the continuation of their studies;

  6. To finance and publish scientific and literary works related to Polish history and culture;

  7. To establish, equip, maintain and operate libraries, collections of books and other scientific publications, cultural exhibitions and reading rooms and to provide other educational assistance;

  8. To facilitate the mutual exchange of students and educators;

  9. To sponsor and assist organizations of young Canadians of Polish descent and origin in activities beneficial to the community;

  10. To do all such things as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objectives.

  11. The Fund is a charitable organization incorporated under the Canada Corporation Act and donors may deduct donations to the Fund from their Income Tax citing registration number: 0392316-59-13.