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Colonel Boleslaw Orlinski Pilot Scholarship
administered by The Canadian Polish Millennium Fund

Canadian Polish Millennium Fund
Fundusz Wieczysty Milenium Polski Chrześcijańskiej

The Canadian Polish Millennium Fund was created to commemorate the millennial anniversary of Christianity in Poland observed in 1966.  The goal of the Fund is to promote the Polish culture in Canada and to preserve the Polish language.  The objectives of the fund include aiding and encouraging education among people of Polish origin and descent, establishing scholarships and fellowships for students, financing the publication of scientific and literary works relating to Polish history and culture, supporting Polish schools, libraries, and academic institutions.


The Colonel Bolesław Orliński Pilot Scholarship

Colonel Bolesław Orliński (1899-1992), was a talented Polish pilot, who set many flight records in his time.  Col. Bolesław Orliński was a generous man who, in his last will and testament donated part of his estate to create a trust fund in his name. This trust fund is administered by the Canadian Polish Millennium Fund.

According to Colonel Orliński’s wishes, part of the trust fund was specifically set up as a scholarship for training young Polish pilots or Canadian pilots of Polish descent.  Applications for the Pilot’s Scholarship should be sent to the Canadian Polish Millennium Fund, at the address shown below no later than April 15th of each year.

Eligibility and Requirements

The following persons may apply for the Col. Bolesław Orliński Pilot Scholarship:

  • Canadians of Polish descent (must provide documented proof of Polish descent)
  • Polish Youth (residing in Poland or Canada).
  • Applicant must provide documented proof of enrolment in a Flight School or an Aviation Program.
  • Applicant must submit a one page essay about the life and achievements of Col. Bolesław Orliński.

Applications for The Colonel Bolesław Orliński Pilot Scholarship:  

Applications may be found below.

The deadline for submission is April 15.  All applications and supporting documents must be postmarked no later than the deadline date.  Please do not send applications by fax or email, as they will not be considered.  Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.